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What’s My Online Porn?

My Online Porn is a porn site directory website. What does that mean? It means I find all the best porn websites on the internet today and review them.

Why do I research and review the top porn sites? For YOU! I’ve wasted countless hours and hundreds of dollars on crappy porn sites over the years. I don’t want you to have to go through the same thing.

So, I work hard to fill this site with review lists of all the top porn sites so that you can make the best decision about which porn site is best for you!

But what about the future of our industry? While I only list the best of the best on the homepage, I know that the future of our industry is constantly evolving. That’s why I’m excited to introduce the ‘Rising Stars‘ category – a place where you can discover the most promising up-and-comers that aren’t quite at the top yet. It’s like having an insider’s look at what’s next in our industry. So come on in and see who’s on the rise!

How do you rank the porn sites on your list?

Researching porn sites is easy – reviewing and ranking them is the hard part!

There’s a lot to consider when trying to evaluate a porn website. After all, everyone has different preferences/tastes when it comes to watching porn.

Here are 5 areas I try to focus on when ranking the porn sites on these review lists.

  1. Size of the video archive
    It’s not all about size, is it? In the case of a porno website, there needs to be enough videos that I don’t get bored after a few days of fapping. A website with a large video archive is one thing I look for when ranking sites.
  2. Quality of the videos
    There’s no use in having access to hundreds of porn videos if most of them look like they were filmed with a cellphone from the early 2000s. On a premium website – like the ones I rank on my review lists – you’ll get access to mostly 4k and HD quality videos. Quantity means nothing if the quality isn’t there!
  3. Cost of the site membership
    Watching some premium porn online doesn’t have to break the bank. Paying for porn is OK. Being ripped off is not OK. My goal is to get you access to the highest quality sites that are also relatively affordable
  4. User experience
    There’s nothing that frustrates me more than a poorly set-up porn site. I want to be able to find a video, or a category of videos, right away. After all, I’m usually in the middle of fapping! A site’s user experience is very important to me. That includes clear category pages and a good search function.
  5. Security/safety of the website
    I do my absolute best to only list and review the safest sites. Because I don’t own any of these sites, I’m not responsible for their content. That said, I work hard to ensure that I only provide you with the safest/most secure sites on the internet today.
Are you sure these are safe porn sites?

Like I mentioned above, I do my very best to ensure that I only ever review safe, secure porn sites. I’ve experienced my fair share of computer viruses in my life, and many of them came from shady porn sites.

But because I don’t own any of the sites, I can’t control what they post. What I can do is offer a few tips to keep you safe while watching porn online.

  •  First, try to keep your operating system and browser up to date. It may sound simple, but this is an easy way to keep you safe. Likewise, take advantage of antivirus software, as well as adblock.
  •  Second, when you’re on a porn site, all you have to do is find and watch your favorite videos. You shouldn’t have to install some browser extension to watch the video, and you definitely don’t need to click on/respond to the ads that will inevitably be all over the website.
  •   Third, don’t respond to any scam-like emails or messages that claim to have recorded you jerking off through your webcam. This is a common scam that may seem scary, but, in general, try to never respond to messages like these

Use common sense when you’re unsure if something seems safe or not. While you do that, I’ll do my best to make sure that you get access to only the best and the safest porn sites.

How often do you update this xxx site?

The world of online porn is always changing! Because this industry is so dynamic, I work hard to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends related to adult entertainment.

When I’m not researching new sites, I’m writing reviews. That means that I’m ALWAYS working to bring you the best sites and the most thorough reviews.

I won’t make any promises, but based on how much time I spend researching and reviewing sites, you can expect new reviews on a daily/weekly basis.

Where do you see the future of porn going?

What a great question!

I love everything about the Metaverse and Web3.

Combine that with the explosion in popularity of VR porn videos and games over the past few years – and the fact that about 25-30% of all internet searches are related to porn – and it’s easy to get super excited about the future of the porn industry!

In my opinion, this is where the porn industry is heading: virtual reality/simulations.

Can you imagine the incredible virtual porn experiences that are waiting for us just a few years down the road into the future? Technology keeps getting better and better each year, and you and I both know there are a ton of horny programmers working tirelessly to give us more realistic fapping experiences!

I know that I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the evolution of the porn industry in the next few years. In the meantime, enjoy our VR porn category, among many other categories of premium online porn

How to get in touch with me?

Have any suggestions about how I can make the site better? Or maybe you just want to reach out and say hi! Whatever the reason, get in touch with me by email at!


Just a heads-up – I don’t own any of the sites you see listed here. You see, I’m just a hard-working Mandrill who reviews the best porn sites on the internet.

Of course, I do my very best to review and recommend the top adult websites from around the web, but I can’t be held responsible for the content on any of these sites. After all, like I said, I just review the sites!

That said, if you ever encounter any issues with the content on any of these sites, please reach out to that site directly with your query.