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AdultTime, AKA the Netflix of Porn: Review

Intro to My AdultTime Review

Welcome to my Adult Time review! AdultTime is one of the most popular premium porn networks online today. With 100 channels and more than 55,000 videos total, along with a very familiar homepage and user interface, AdultTime is often referred to as the Netflix of porn.

I mean, if you’ve been around the porn game for even a few minutes, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Adult Time. There are lots of reasons why Adult Time is on my top list of premium porn sites. I can say with confidence that Adult Time is one of the best high-quality porn sites I’ve ever come across! Keep reading to learn why!

AdultTime’s enormous video archive

Because Adult Time is a network and not just an individual site/channel, a membership gets you access to more than 55,000 videos across more than 100 sites. That’s one massive library of porn! This means you’ll get access to a super wide variety of categories and pornstars, so you’ll definitely be able to find something you like!

Straight porn videos? 18+ Teenage lesbian sex? Hardcore scenes? Gay porn? Taboo sex (example: Pure Taboo)? Tattooed pornstars (example: Burning Angel)? Fetish porn? What about animation? Yep, they have that too! Young, old, middle-aged – I’m telling you, you’ll find everything on Adult Time!

More than 100 sites?! Well, that definitely caught my attention when I first checked out Adult Time. But what are the chances that all 100 sites are high-quality? At first, I was skeptical. But now, I’m a believer! Adult Time has classic porn episodes, original series, full-length films, and also cartoons and Hentai! They even have some amateur channels, too!

As I scroll through their archive now, I’m actually getting a bit overwhelmed by how much content there is! But that’s the main selling point of Adult Time: for one membership, you get access to more than 100+ sites, 300+ channels, and 55,000+ videos. Isn’t that insane?!?!?! Luckily, they have a fantastic user interface that makes browsing the site a breeze. Better than that, they have advanced search capabilities that allow you to filter based on the factors that are most important to you. That means you can choose between straight, gay, lesbian, trans, or bi porn sites. You can also browse by individual scene or movie, or by pornstar/actor. Yes, Adult Time’s huge collection of adult content can seem overwhelming, but at least there’s an easy way to find the porn you want!

After browsing through the different sites and channels that Adult Time has to offer, I checked out their archive of actors and my mind was blown all over again! Adult Time has an insane lineup of A-list pornstars… I don’t even know where to start! Angela White, Abella Danger, Rocco Siffredi, and Emily Willis are just a few of the big names that I see right away. I now understand why this is a multiple award-winning site mega site!

I could go on and on about how many A-list pornstars there are, which just goes to show that Adult Time truly is a professional premium porn network. I mean, they have all the top talent, so they must be doing something right! Also, with a roster of pornstars like this, you know that means something else important. If there’s a hot, up-and-coming amateur whose name you haven’t heard of yet, there’s a great chance they’re going to find their way onto an Adult Time set!

Adult Time Actor Spotlight: Emily Willis

I just had to take a moment and talk a bit about my favorite Adult Time pornstar right now: the stunning, sexy, and insanely wild Emily Willis. I clicked on her profile and saw that she stars in more than 30 videos. Damn! It might take me a while to watch all of that content! (Who are we kidding?! I’ll probably binge-watch this over the next few days until my dick can’t take any more fapping!)

Emily Willis stars in a wide variety of Adult Time content, including Nymphomaniac: An Emily Willis Story, Female Submission: The Date, and Voyeur Stories: B&B With Benefits. Straight, lesbian, kinky – you name it, and chances are Emily Willis has starred in it. The way Emily takes dick, eats pussy, and shines for the camera made me a fan from the first time I watched her content.

And while Emily Willis is currently my favorite Adult Time actor, remember that she’s just one of MANY A-list pornstars. You’ll get access to Emily and more for one membership price. Now that’s an incredible deal!

Is the AdultTime content high-quality?

All the porn on Adult Time is professionally filmed with the best equipment and the hottest pornstars. No shaky cameras and shitty lighting here! This is some high-end studio porn, and this is clear from the start. To be honest, if I’m paying money for a porn membership, I don’t want some half-assed porn production! I think most would agree with me. Well, Adult Time definitely gets you your money’s worth!

Most sites under the Adult Time network have some kind of angle or theme – like Fantasy Massage, Pure Taboo, or Hentai Sex School, just to name a few. Because of that, the plots and scenarios that lead to the fucking in these videos are well-constructed, well-executed, and of course, hot as fuck! Don’t worry – they don’t spend hours on bad dialogue and annoying build-ups. Instead, most of the sites in the AdultTime network deliver the perfect mix of plot, context (in other words: why are these two actors about to fuck? Oh ya, one of them is a teacher, and the other is a misbehaving student! I get it now) and chemistry between the pornstars. Enjoy the storyline, then enjoy the fucking! Adult Time content does not often disappoint – trust me!

Now let’s talk about the quality of the video when it comes to streaming and downloading. With Adult Time, you get access to only the best porn scenes in crystal clear HD. There are a couple of thousand videos available to stream and download in 4k Ultra-HD, which is pretty awesome! Then, there are many other flicks available to stream and download in HD, as well as a range of other options for streams and downloads.

While there are definitely some amateur sites and channels on Adult Time, for the most part, the sites, channels, and movies are professionally produced. That means excellent lighting, casting, directing, and shooting. Basically, be prepared for the same quality of series and movies that you’d find on Netflix… except the content on Adult Time has a lot more tits, ass, sucking, and fucking!

How much does AdultTime cost?

There are a handful of flexible membership options when it comes to paying for a membership to Adult Time. You can either pay for a three-day trial if you just want to test out the sites to see if they suit you.

Or, if you’re sure that Adult Time is for you, you can pay by the month or by the year. Plus, keep an eye out for seasonal deals on memberships, too! In general, you can get a discounted price if you sign up for a longer membership.

A trial membership can give you a taste of what’s offered on the site – but be warned, the trial membership doesn’t get you a ton of content. There are lots of ways to access this incredible site.

AdultTime User experience and site safety

Being that Adult Time is a large, popular porn network, you can rest assured that your computer and credit card are safe. This is an important factor when considering where you should be paying for porn. If you have any issues, their customer support service is available 24/7 with live support chat or online support. I haven’t had any issues with the site, though, and I’m hoping you won’t either!

To make your life easier, Adult Time is compatible with any and every mobile, desktop, TV, and/or tablet device. And if you’re one of those lucky fuckers who owns an interactive sex toy, it’s your lucky day, because there’s a very good chance your interactive sex toy is compatible with the Adult Time site.

Besides the safety and security, the user experience on Adult Time is fantastic, considering the website’s layout is almost exactly like Netflix’s layout! With most mega porn sites, because there’s so much content, it can be difficult to navigate through the dozens of sites, videos, and pornstars. However, Adult Time knows exactly what its users want, and they deliver! The homepage is sleek and simple, with some straightforward tabs to help you filter through their scenes (e.g., All, trans, lesbian, animation, gay, MILF, etc.). Easily find the exact genre of porn, site, or pornstar you’re looking for with AdultTime’s awesome user interface. AdultTime really is the Netflix of porn!

Adult Time video updates

Besides having more than 100 sites and 3000 channels to choose from, the Adult Time porn network uploads at least 8 new videos each day. With so many videos and so many sites to choose from, you’ll never get bored! It’s important to keep in mind, however, that not every single site in the Adult Time network is uploading new content on a regular basis. Still, there are enough of the big sites within the network that add new content regularly, so you’ll have enough porn to fap to – I promise!

Plus, because of the way the Adult Time network is structured, there’s always new content being produced. Remember, Adult Time doesn’t just have a bunch of sites to its name – it also has porn channels and porn studios. Also, Adult Time produces porn movies and pilots… just like Netflix! So, even if your favorite site doesn’t upload any new content this week, who knows, there might be a new porn pilot coming out, or even a new full-length movie! The point is, with a network this big, there’ll always be new porn to watch.

Bonus: Interactive Sex Toy Deals

I mentioned earlier in the review that the content on Adult Time was compatible with interactive sex toys. If you’re lucky enough to have an interactive vibrator or pocket-pussy, then you’re in for a treat! But it doesn’t stop there – with Adult Time, you can also get discounts on some of your favorite interactive sex toys. Adult Time is really committed to serving the online masturbating community, and it shows!

A few of the interactive sex toys listed on the site include (for men) the Max2, the Calor, the Cush, (for women) then Edge 2, the Nora, and even the incredible Sex Machine… which looks like a fitness machine with dildos on both ends. All of these interactive sex toys come from LOVENSE, which appears to have a tight relationship with the AdultTime network. LOVENSE has developed their hardware and software so that you can enhance your fapping experience. So, if interactive sex toys are part of your jerk-off routine already, or if you’re thinking of upgrading from your hand to a pocket-pussy or vibrator, check out the deals available on Adult Time, and thank me later for the recommendation!

Conclusion: Is AdultTime worth it?

Is Adult Time worth it? There’s a reason why people call Adult Time the Netflix of porn… it really is one of the best – if not the best – premium porn sites you’ll ever come across. The production value is next level, and the quality of the content is undeniable.

Plus, with a membership to Adult Time, you get access to more than 100 premium porn channels, and in turn access to tens of thousands of videos. And we’re not talking amateur, home-video content – we’re talking the highest production value you can find in the porn world. Plus, if that’s not enough, you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re on a safe, secure, and legitimate porn site. Who has time for computer viruses? Not me! So, don’t waste another second. Check out AdultTime today!

  • Bullet point More than 100 channels
  • Bullet point 50 000 videos
  • Bullet point New releases every single day
  • Bullet point High-quality production
  • Bullet point Variety of porn genres and sub-genres
  • Bullet point Compatible with interactive sex toys
  • Bullet point Not all content available in 4k ultra-HD
  • Bullet point You don’t get much access with a trial membership
  • Bullet point Not every site in the Adult Time network updates content on a regular basis

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