Last updated: Site Ranking: 3

NiksIndian Review

Last updated: Site Ranking: 3

NiksIndian Review

The first thing you’re greeted by on the homepage of NiksIndian is a little bio about Nik, who claims to be one of the first true Indian pornstars. It’s a big statement, but the dude’s been banging hot babes for about ten years now, so he must be doing something right. Indian sex videos are all over the internet these days, it’s like everyone in India decided to start making their own porn, but this is premium Indian porn, not that self-shot shaky camera stuff you’re probably used to.

What’s the Content on NiksIndian like? 

I’ll start off by saying that Nik the Indian doesn’t just fuck Indian babes. No, he isn’t afraid to dip his dick in various international pussies and assholes. That being said, there are only about 170 videos on the site, so don’t expect to see thousands of videos once you subscribe. The videos themselves are the same as other porno with different themes, such as the horny boss, the naughty stepson, and so on.

The Pros and Cons of NiksIndian!

Let’s address the con first. There isn’t a massive archive of videos. However, NiksIndian is also a lot cheaper than other porn sites, so the Indian sex videos are pretty affordable. NiksIndian has weekly updates, which are nice, and the quality compared to other Indian porn is a lot fucking better than what I’m used to. They invest some money in their Indian XXX, and it shows in the videos they upload. 

NiksIndian, Should you Subscribe?

If you’re looking for some non-traditional Indian porn, and you hate that blurry amateur shit, NiksIndian is 100% worth a closer look. It’s pretty cheap, which makes up for the small archive, and they appear to be updating it with new content consistently so you can masturbate to hot Indian sex when you get the urge!

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