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Pornstar Harem Review

  • Bullet point Tons of crystal clear porn pics
  • Bullet point Interactive and engaging gameplay
  • Bullet point Entirely free to play
  • Bullet point Gameplay is picture-based with no videos
  • Bullet point The game still has some bugs that need to be worked out
Last updated: Site Ranking: 7

Pornstar Harem Review

Welcome To My Pornstar Harem Review

From the same people who brought you Hentai Heroes comes Pornstar Harem – one of the best interactive porn games to ever grace the internet.

This visual novel-style interactive porn game puts you in the shoes of some nerd who gets to fuck all the hottest pornstars on the planet. You get to meet and attract famous pornstars to join your porn star harem. From there, continue to grow your harem and gain power, fame, and in-game currency! Sounds like fun, right? Well, it’s my one of my new favorite game for good reason!

And did I mention that Pornstar Harem is free to play? Sure, you can unlock extra content once you’re in the game, but getting things started won’t cost you a dime! This is one of the best freemium games available online right now. If you haven’t tried Pornstar Harem yet, you’re missing out!

Keep reading my review and maybe by the end of it, Pornstar Harem will be your new favorite online sex game too! Check it out!

Pornstar Harem Online Porn Game: What’s It All About?

The Pornstar Harem online RPG sex game is simple: control your main character through smut-filled adventures. The goal of your main character is to find different girls and make them part of your porn star harem. Sounds simple enough, right?

Your main character is guided by an angel, who helps you build up your own harem. Oh, and the angel occasionally fucks you, too!

To play the adventure mode part of the game, pick your character’s gender, then click on a location on the map to see the scene from that area. Click through the scene, but beware not to use all of your stamina at once.

Once you move past Begin City, you’ll be able to fight Boss babes, using the girls in your porn star harem to do battle. If you beat the Boss, you can get a free babe to add to your porn star harem. The more girls you attract, the bigger your harem grows. The more girls you have, the more cash you can collect!

Gameplay Overview: Adventure Mode and Other Extras of Pornstar Harem

Besides Adventure Mode, your character can frequent the market to purchase various equipment, boosters, and gifts for your porn star harem.

Your character can also frequent the Night Club. This is similar to visiting the market, except that the Night Club allows your character to spend gold or cash to hopefully get lucky. If you get lucky, you could get gifted a legendary item, or even a legendary girl to add to your porn star harem!

There are lots of side quests and fun activities that complement the Adventure Mode on Pornstar Harem. This is one of many reasons why I think it is one of the top sex games available online today!

Pornstar Harem General Gameplay

The Pornstar Harem sex game is really straightforward, and if you’ve played Hentai Heroes, then you’ll pick up on Pornstar Harem in no time. Starting a new game is easy, and you’ll be getting the hang of things before you know it.

Here’s how the game works. Basically, you’re presented with scenes (photographs), and you get to make decisions about what will happen next.

The better your decisions, the more pornstars you’ll seduce. The more pornstars you seduce, the quicker you level up. And the quicker you level up, the more content you unlock. And by content, I mean awesome porn!

Pornstar Harem Expectations

The game starts with an introduction to your guardian angel, Shawna – a blonde, big-titted angel with a seductive smile.

Then, there’s a knock on the door. “Three months without paying rent! Today is the day I get my cash!” But then the landlady notices there’s a big, strong, handsome tenant that she wasn’t expecting. For some reason, the landlady suddenly can’t keep her hands off of you. Next scene, she’s screaming for your cock as you bury it deep inside of her. You fuck her pussy and her ass, and while she’s slurping on your cum, Shauna explains the objective of the game to you: to build your porn star harem!

The first two girls I got in my harem were Angel and Adriana Chechik. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Pornstar Harem Site Layout, Design

Being a browser game, this site is fairly clean and well-organized. The menu at the top of the screen allows the user to easily navigate the various tabs, including the character’s profile, energy levels, the character’s resources, the porn star harem, and also the options to buy gold using cash.

The pictures in the game are high-quality, and most of the photographs are money shots. It can take some time to click through the conversations, but the game doesn’t make you wait long to see some pussy – that’s for sure.

Check out how easy it is to level up by verifying your character’s level and XP. Toggle between Adventure Mode and side activities, and do some quick shopping at the Market or gambling at the Night Club. The site has the feel of a simple online computer game, but trust me, once you start playing, you won’t want to stop!

Pornstar Harem: Pros and Cons of the Game


This game includes an insane amount of crystal clear, high-quality porn shots to set their visual novel. You get presented with scenes and have to make decisions in order to seduce pornstars, fuck them, and build your harem.

What’s better than that – this game is free to play! Of course, in-game purchases are available using in-game currency, but you can have a great time without spending extra money.


Probably the only downside to this incredibly hot and free online porn game is that there are really only pictures and no videos. This is a bit disappointing because it would be awesome to imagine playing this same online RPG (role-playing game) with video clips of these pornstars sucking and fucking instead of just photographs.

However, the pictures of scenes they include as part of this game are pretty freakin’ hot, so I can’t complain. Anything that gets me to cum, am I right? Also, there are a few bugs in the game, as reported by users online. These bugs should be easy to fix, and besides that, there isn’t much to complain about! 

Is Pornstar Harem Worth It? My Final Thoughts

Is video game porn your favorite type of jerk-off material? Or are you just looking to mix things up? Whatever the case may be, Pornstar Harem deserves your attention! This interactive porn game will have you cumming in no time. Seduce pornstars, build your harem, and enjoy an enhanced jerk-off experience!

Take your character through adventures, visits to the market and the night club, and even play in leagues! Buying gold can help you access more content quicker, but remember that this is a free game – there’s a lot that you can do with Pornstar Harem before ever spending a dime!

Pornstar Harem is definitely worth checking out if you’re into online RPG sex games. There may be online porn games that are similar to this, but nothing I’ve seen before is as entertaining as Pornstar Harem! What kind of adventures will you experience?

If there’s something missing from my Pornstar Harem review, please let me know! This site only thrives because of you – the user – and I want to keep things that way. Reach out and let me know what you think of Pornstar Harem.

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