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13 February, 2024

Sites Like Pornhub: Comparing Similar Porn Tubes

Pornhub is the biggest site in the adult industry with an infinite amount of interesting porn videos. I was in my late teenage when I got to know about PornHub. It has been popular before then and has many people using the site daily. There’s no day the site won’t be busy. No day at all. This is because you can watch porn videos and sex movies for free on the site. You don’t have to pay a dime, and they also have quality videos.

However, the site has lost its mojo since it got several backlash due to some of the content found on the site.

Best Websites Similar to PornHub

I’m sure you’re thinking of the best websites similar to PornHub. Don’t worry, as my recommendation will cover several sites. I’ll tell you about many sites like PornHub and the ones that seem to be the best alternatives due to a few features which they possess. The best alternatives for PornHub are XVideos, XHamster, Youporn, Eporner, and HClips.

  • XVideos: This site has tons of amazing sex videos to select from, and the amazing part is that they are all free.
  • XHamster: Here’s a porn site that has an impressive premium plan that is cost-effective and allows you to enjoy amazing ads-free videos.
  • Youporn: Youporn is a site that looks so clean on the surface but you’ll discover how dirty it is when you go deeper by checking out its content.
  • Eporner: With the different categories of sex videos, ranging from videos of pornstars, sex movies, GIFs, and other sexual content, this site has made itself versatile in the adult industry.
  • HClips: This site gives you premium sex videos of high quality. It has videos in different sex categories.

Best Runner-ups for Sites Like PornHub



In terms of similarity, PornHub and this site both allow their users to watch videos for free on their sites. However, PornHub has a very wide scope of sex videos, unlike this site which has more Japanese videos. Also, PornHub has a live cam of its own and it's unlike TXXX in this regard as well. I'll place PornHub over this site any time and any day. However, this site has a user-friendly interface just like Pornhub. Also, you get to interact with other users on the site just like Pornhub.

Open Site


This site made an attempt to be an alternative to PornHub, but it lacks the live cam feature, most of its videos are of lower quality, and it lacks a dating site feature. Like PornHub, it has a section where the videos have been categorized. Just head to that section to explore the amazing content on the site.

Open Site


Aside from being a site that appears to have mostly Japanese videos, it's a somewhat nice alternative for PornHub. However, PornHub still has an upper hand because it has an original live cam feature which ManySex lacks. Also, the videos on ManySex get updated so users get to enjoy new content whenever they're on the site. It's the same for PornHub.

Open Site

PornHub Competitors Deepdive

Let’s take a closer look at the sites that seem to be the best alternatives for PornHub, and what makes them able to compete against the popular PornHub.


XVideos is a very good replacement for PornHub if you’re looking into finding an alternative for it. This is because they have virtually the same features and more porn than you can ever watch, videos that you can never be tired of. If you get tired of the videos, you can even switch to the live cam videos to have more fun.

On this site, the videos aren’t arranged in a particular order, and this is unlike Chaturbate. The videos are rather grouped into categories on Chaturbate.


With the way XVideos is moving and the features it possesses, it may be placed above PornHub in the coming years.


  • Has lots of sex videos for your eyes
  • Has an original live cam feature where pornstars perform for their audience
  • The videos do not cost any money


  • There are tons of ads and pop-up notifications


Both PornHub and this site have lots of amazing and free videos with new ones being added every month, however, PornHub has the upper hand in terms of live cam features and other amazing features that it possesses.

As much as the videos on this site are free, you may still be tempted to subscribe to the paid version for premium content due to their video quality. 



If you’ve subscribed to the premium plan, you have the opportunity to download as many videos as you want, and you’ll be privileged to watch videos of the hottest and sexiest chicks in the world.


  • There are a LOT of porn videos
  • Has an engaging community
  • Doesn't have too many ads


  • HD content is only available for premium members


The lack of an original live cam feature has placed Youporn at a disadvantage when being compared with PornHub. This is because PornHub has an actual live cam feature which is absent in Youporn. But then, the website design of Youporn gives it off as a regular site; you get to know the actual content of the site when you check it out yourself. It’s unlike PornHub whose design already tells you how nasty the site is.

Comparatively, PornHub and Youporn have their content to be arranged in an organized manner. Several erotic photos and videos have been fitted into categories that appeal to every sense of your sensual appeal.



  • Has a wonderful design and layout
  • Nicely organized categories of sex videos


  • Doesn't have a live cam feature but uses that of similar sites


The presence of so many amateur videos on this site gives PornHub a better position. In terms of recognition, PornHub takes the lead.

Irrespective of Eporner’s lack of recognition, it has a lot of videos, sexy photos, and GIFs. Unlike PornHub, this site has lots of amateur video content.

So, if you wish to explore the world of newness or naivety in porn, you should check out this site.



  • Has several sex videos and movies


  • Doesn't have an original live cam feature


PornHub has a live cam feature which this site lacks, and I’m pretty sure you’d want to see your favorite pornstars in live action and not in recorded videos.

With regards to this, you know PornHub is the best site between the two. Just like Pornhub, HClips has videos of high quality which have been grouped into different categories.

They’ve been arranged in a way that makes them easy to find.



  • Videos of different kinds of models from different parts of the world
  • You don't have to pay a dime to watch videos
  • There are many sex video categories


  • Some of the videos on this site are of low quality

What is PornHub Like?

Before we proceed with our review, let me tell you what PornHub is like and how it works. PornHub is a website where you can visit for sexual gratification. If your dick gets hard and needs to be engulfed by a wet pussy or it needs to be sucked by the perfect set of lips, you should give it what it wants so you get comfortable and derive pleasure as well. However, if there’s no one to help you with that, say your sexual partner isn’t close to you and you need instant gratification, find your way to PornHub.

Best Sites Like PornHub Frequently Asked Questions

Humans have a penchant for choosing the best option whenever they are presented with a variety of options to pick from. It is why users of these sites have come up with the following questions after being given alternative sites like Pornhub. I’ll answer all the questions.

What Makes These Sites Like PornHub?

All the sites we’ve sampled as alternatives for PornHub have the same kind of content you’ll find on PornHub. In addition to that, they all have similar features and all belong to the adult industry. Because of the nature of their content, they aren’t made accessible to everyone. Only people above age 18 can access them.

Are These Sites Better than PornHub?

Although they all seem like competitors of PornHub, they can’t be said to be better than PornHub. All these sites have something in common, but they also have distinct features that make each one of them stand out.

Are These PornHub Alternatives Safe?

Yes, all these recommended sites are safe. When you’re to access them, you won’t be required to send any details of yours, so they are as safe as you can imagine.

Do I Have to Pay for These Websites Like PornHub?

To access the videos on the sites, you don’t have to pay a penny. However, you can pay a small amount if you’re interested in the premium plan.