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08 March, 2024

Sites Like XVideos: Comparing Similar Tube Sites

Hey, there. Are you one who loves watching porn videos and finds XVideos not as interesting as you want, or do you think that it doesn’t have the kind of porn videos you want? Perhaps you’re tired of the videos there, and you’re thinking of watching new videos. Don’t be bothered if you’ve been thinking of how to get other porn videos like the ones you find on Xvideos. With this article, you’ll find just what you need.

Over time, XVideos has gained popularity in the adult content industry, and it appears to be a big site. It has a lot of videos, porn stars, several sex categories, and many more. This review will show you other sites like XVideos. On these sites, you’ll find the kind of videos that are on XVideos. 

Best Websites Similar to XVideos

Let’s examine some of the websites like XVideos which seem to be the best options if you’re not so cool with XVideos. They include PornHub, XHamster, RedTube, XNXX, and TXXX. 

Pornhub: This a site which is well known for porn videos, and it has been in existence for a while. It also allows users to post their sex content on the site.

XHamster: A porn site which is considered as one of the top sites in the adult industry and is known for its wide collection of sex videos. It’s a site that is free for all who are above 18 years old to access.

RedTube: Here’s a site that gives you premium adult content in various categories. It also has a community that allows users to interact with one another.

XNXX: A free porn site that has made it easy for you to find your way around the site easily. With its wonderful user interface, you’ll find that porn video you’re searching for easily.

TXXX: This is a porn site with many sex videos in different categories. It has a wide array of adult content which you can select from.

Best Runner-ups for Sites Like XVideos



Here's a very good site that has several features that are present in XVideos. Just like XVideos, you can open a free account and watch as many videos as you want. Check out this site if you want to watch pornstars from different regions get fucked. Some of you are curious and want to know how girls from Asia and Europe sound during sex. Yes, this site gives you that opportunity.

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Placing XVideos and Hdzog side by side allows you to see the quality of the videos that are found on both sites. They both have high-quality videos. You can check it out if you're tired of seeing the pornstars in XVideos.

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Vjav is an amazing site for those of you who would love to check out Japanese girls. If you have a thing for Japanese girls, say you want to see how beautiful they usually are without clothes, then you're at the right place. Unlike Vjav, XVideos has pornstars from several parts of the world. XVideos is as encompassing as possible.

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XVideos Competitors Deep-dive

Now, let’s dive deeper into the features of the sites that serve as competitors of XVideos.


PornHub matches with XVideos in terms of the nature of the content they both produce. Also, both sites have videos of high definition and allow users to watch videos for free. You can beat that meat of yours while watching the videos and not pay a dime. In addition, you can post your porn content on PornHub. If you’ve got a good fucking skill or you’ve got nice boobs and ass which you’ll love to showcase, just make a video of yourself consuming a hard dick, then upload it to the site. 

It also has a premium plan for those that wouldn’t mind paying to watch porn videos. However, the premium plan comes with certain features that aren’t found in the free plan, so you get the value of your money. For new daily content, I’ll recommend that you check PornHub.



  • Easy registration for new users
  • Users can watch unlimited videos for free without having an account
  • Doesn't have too much advertisement


  • Has videos that aren't of high quality
  • You need an account to upload your videos


Aside from being selective when choosing the videos to upload, XHamster is a cool and nice site to satisfy your sexual urge and keep you entertained simultaneously. Both sites are free, It appears to be that XHamster seems like one of the best alternatives for XVideos. Like XVideos, it has a lot of porn videos which range from amateur to modern virtual reality videos. 

With its launch date in 2007, it’s been one of the biggest cam sites in the adult industry, and it has also been competing with the top dogs. When compared to XVideos, it appears to have a better interface and offers neatly organized content.



  • You'll find so many porn videos there
  • Has a community that is engaging and active
  • No registration fee is required
  • Is selective in uploading videos


  • The platform doesn't accommodate videos that are deemed too nasty


RedTube is designed in a way that makes it easy for new users to use the site effortlessly. This is because of how seamlessly the site has been made. In terms of multiple categories of videos, it’s on par with XVideos.

Also, it offers a wide range of unique porn videos. In addition, the site seems to be competing with other sites in terms of its features. This site has a community that allows you to interact, chat, and participate with other users, and you get to share intimate pictures and videos with them.



  • Has a community feature that allows users to interact with one another
  • Has several categories and different tags
  • A very simple and nice design that makes it easy to walk through the site


  • Lacks videos that are of full length
  • Lots of ads and notifications


This site can be seen as a competitor of XVideos because both of them are user-friendly and they have many categories of videos. XVideos has several videos for a wide range of audiences, but this site has fewer videos for lesbians, gays, and other genders.

This site has content from big platforms like Naughty America, Fake Taxi, Brazzers, Reality King, and others. Unlike XVideos, the price of the premium plan is quite expensive. You get to pay about $10 per month and about $96 per year.



  • Has quite an affordable rate for its premium plan
  • Has a large expanse of porn videos
  • Has an active community forum


  • The content has varying quality


As easy as both XVideos and TXXX are to navigate, they also both have high-quality videos. In addition, both sites have video content in many categories. You’re to decide which site to use between them. This site has videos to satisfy all of your sexual desires and fetishes. With the amateur and professional models on the site, you are sure to have a wonderful experience on this site just the same way you do on XVideos. 

The wonderful layout and design of this site give it an edge over XVideos. Due to this design, users have no issue in navigating through the site. The way you get to interact on XVideos, you also get to interact on this site the same way. You can drop comments on videos and also belong to the users’ community.



  • Videos are of very high quality
  • There are many video categories
  • A simplistic and easy-to-navigate design


  • Has pop-ups and ads at intervals

What is XVideos Like?

XVideos is a site known for having adult content. This is because of the kind of videos on the site. Whenever you’re horny and your fuck mate isn’t close to you, find your way to XVideos. There, you’ll find a lot of videos that you can use to gratify yourself sexually; you’ll be able to stroke that hard dick or wet pussy of yours with such videos. If you’re one with an unusual sexual orientation, there’s something for you there as well. There’s also another interesting thing about this site. It allows users to post their porn videos on the site. If you’ve got a big dick or nice titties, and you wish to let everyone know how good you are in bed, you surely can upload a video of you in action.

Best Sites Like XVideos Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a few questions that might be bothering the minds of new users of these sites. This section will answer the commonly asked questions on the best sites like XVideos.

What Makes These Sites Like XVideos?

These sites all give their users the same sort of content and they all belong to the adult industry. As much as these sites have the same content, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. Each one of them has a differentiating factor. If you enjoy the kind of content on these sites, check out any of them you like.

Are These Sites Better Than XVideos? 

No, these sites aren’t necessarily better than Xvideos. With how popular and big XVideos is in the adult industry, you’ll barely find a site that is better than it. It’s only that these sites have one or two features that make them different from XVideos, not better than them.

Are These XVideos Alternative Safe?

If your safety is guaranteed on XVideos, it’s the same thing here. When accessing these sites, users remain anonymous, so there’s no need to submit any details that could put you at risk of danger.

Do I Have to Pay for Websites Like XVideos?

Yes, for the premium plans. You get to watch videos for free on the free account, but you pay to have a premium account. This premium account comes with some features which are absent from the free account.